New study debunks myth of #Cahokia's Native American lost civilization @PNASNews

#OTD 53 years ago, we tragically lost the crew of #Apollo1 – Gus Grissom, Roger Chafee, and my dear friend Ed White when a launch pad fire claimed their lives. Their ultimate sacrifice made us even more determined than ever to step foot onto the moon. They did not die in vain.

Il #27gennaio 1945 l'Armata rossa libera il campo di Auschwitz, abbandonato dai tedeschi. Trovano 7.000 prigionieri tra cui 700 bambini, vagano come fantasmi in cerca di cibo.
#GiornataDellaMemoria a #PassatoePresente alle 13:15 @RaiTre e 20:30 #RaiStoria @paolomieli #Barbero

Indigenous communities and archaeologists fear thousands of historic Aboriginal sites and artefacts have been damaged or destroyed by the fires in Australia.

The climate crisis could result in millions of people descending into poverty.

Urgent #ClimateAction needed to create jobs & reduce risk of deepening inequalities. #WorldSocialReport via @UNDESA

Einstein's theory of general relativity changed how physicists understood the universe in an instant. One hundred years later, they are still proving him correct.

La scienza del clima si è rivelata molto affidabile nel predire l’aumento delle temperature, ma lo sviluppo dei modelli climatici potrebbe riservare anche brutte sorprese

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